Main Points To Remember When Renting A Villa

When planning a vacation, we do it with a lot of care and thought so that it is really worth the money and the time, precious time that we take away from our busy schedules for a purpose. The purpose being to rejuvenate ourselves, have a change of scene from our daily routine with its stresses. A week to ten days is all that is required for a recharge.

One way to do this is to go to a new place, do a lot of sight seeing during the daytime and head back to the hotel in the evening to sleep. All you need is your hotel room key.

Better than this would be renting a villa in some scenic place and enjoy what they have to offer you to the fullest. This is not uncommon nowadays, because owners of the villas are finding this is a good way to earn an income from their houses, which are becoming difficult to maintain. All over the world, while villages get converted to towns, buildings also change. Individual cottages give way to apartment blocks so that in time, generations forget or do not experience what it is to live in a villa.

Compared to an apartment, a villa offers more rooms and spacious ones too. The older villas have high ceilings with quaint beams and ventilators and open verandahs running right around that are a novelty in their own, old fashion. All these invoke nostalgia for the older generation and are something quite delightful for the millennials. The newer villas have modern amenities. Almost all villas provide a swimming pool.

The open space outside the cottage is also to die for. Villa owners provide carefully tended gardens, tennis or badminton courts, vegetable gardens, etc. For their guests’ recreation, some of them also display pet birds like ducks, geese, turkeys and roosters and animals like rabbits.

A villa is an ideal choice for a large family or group of friends holidaying together. Price wise, the more the number of people, the cheaper the cost per head becomes, because the price of renting a villa is fixed, irrespective of the number of people. Of course, there is a limit to the number of people. This way, one doesn’t have to restrict oneself to the off season to economize on the cost.

What are the points which one has to remember when renting a villa?

· Since the internet is used while planning holidays, it is best to go to a trusted website when booking your villa

· Sometimes the owners post attractive pictures in order to draw attention, and these pictures may not be realistic. So it is a good idea to ask pointed questions about them before you rent the villa

· Be ready to mix and mingle with the people in the neighborhood, a different experience from hotel locations.

· Check for Wi-Fi connectivity if it is important

· Check who will be available to help in case of breakdowns of any kind. A property manager should be on call.

· Find out if there are bicycles for hire, and if all the equipment in the outdoors can be used.

· A good rental agreement which is signed by both the owner and the holidayer is a good way to protect your interests.

· If you are planning to cook, check for proximity to the shops for groceries etc.

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