The ETIAS and Who Will Need It When Traveling to Europe?


ETIAS is the short form of European Travel Information and Authorization System, which is a full- fledged electronic system that allows and also keeps track of the visitors of other countries who do not require a visa for entering into the Schengen Zone. The legal procedures needed to pass ETIAS started in 2016 and the system will most likely be in place by the year 2021.

ETIAS will undergo a security check for each applicant to determine whether or not they should be allowed to enter any of the Schengen Zone countries. ETIAS helps ensure that the people allowed are not a threat to the security of the country. ETIAS will be primarily used for tourist and business purposes and will also benefit people visiting the Schengen Zone countries for transit or medical reasons.


ETIAS authorization was done to prioritize security of the EU countries to help ensure safe travel. ETIAS helps decrease concerns over security by its data gathering and information systems which help detect if a specific person is a threat of any type to the security of the Schengen Zone countries.

ETIAS authorization also helps in assisting travelers and EU countries by reducing the procedures needed and the application time, by improving the management of the EU country borders, assisting in the detection and decrease of terrorism and crime, helping in the impeding of irregular migration and also by reinforcing the policy of the EU regarding the liberalization of a visa. Thus, the ETIAS authorization helps in making traveling to the EU countries a safe and hassle-free experience.


ETIAS is targeted for citizens of the countries who can enter the EU zone without a visa. There are 62 countries on the list who need to get ETIAS authorization, such as Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Vatican City State, Hong Kong, S.A.R and many more. By the time the system launches, which is expected to be in 2021, more countries may be added to this list.


ETIAS applications can be completed online in around 10 minutes. Depending on your citizenship, there are certain fields that are required to be filled out. The main requirements are: biometric information like first name, last name, date of birth and place of birth along with information regarding the individual’s citizenship, address, email, phone number, education and work experience, the first EU country the person intends to visit, background and questions on eligibility along with inquiring over medical conditions, traveling to war countries or places from where the person was rejected or deported and inquiry for information of any criminal record.

In the case of minors, their legal guardian should apply for ETIAS. In case there are family members of any EU citizen in other countries, one needs to submit proof of relationship, card of residence and any other background information if necessary. Always check if the information submitted is correct and also make sure to check your eligibility and risk factors.

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