Why Morzine Is Perfect For Family Alpine Mountain Biking Breaks

As Western society takes a progressively greater interest in fitness and physical well-being, many facets of the way we conduct our everyday life have begun to change. While some people are still perfectly happy to lounge in front of a television set every evening and drive their car everywhere, the majority has understood the importance of frequent exercise – leading to an increase in the number of cyclists, joggers and gym members the world over.

Slowly but surely, this tendency has also begun to seep through to leisure time. A perfect example of this is the wider range of holiday types we indulge in; where before beach breaks were the norm for summer, and maybe a mountain retreat in winter, nowadays it is relatively easy to find families using their mid-year break to indulge in canoeing, horse-riding or Alpine mountain biking.

With this change in approach to holidays in general came a slight shift in the distribution of tourist volumes, particularly during the warmer months. Traditionally, spring and summer would see a large influx of tourists head to beach resorts and warmer climates, with places like the Alps being reserved for the chillier months. This new interest in activities such as Alpine mountain biking, however, has caused the distribution to even out a little bit more; while numbers are still nowhere near balanced, a progressively larger number of holidaymakers has been discovering the spring and summertime charms of locations like Morzine.

Family-Friendly Mountainside Fun

In fact, if any resort can be said to come close to the perfect destination for a family Alpine mountain biking holiday, it is undoubtedly the popular French ski destination of Morzine. Transformed during the warmer months from ski hub to cyclist’s paradise, this region stands out as perfect for families, due to the lower difficulty level of its runs when compared to those in neighbouring resorts.

In fact, while Morzine does offer enough ‘tough’ trails and tracks to satisfy hardened cyclists, it also offers quite a few much gentler routes, perfect for beginners to become accustomed to Alpine mountain biking. The trail leading down to the village of Morzine itself is a good example of this, as are other routes in neighbouring Avoriaz and Les Gets.

Quite apart from the family-friendly routes, the resort of Morzine itself is famed for being family-friendly, offering a quiet atmosphere, good infrastructure and even some leisure areas for younger children and teenagers. This combination of reasons is what ensures families who choose this resort as their home base for a cycling holiday are unlikely to be disappointed.

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