A Phuket Yacht Charter Offers the Vacation of a Lifetime

For the vacation of a lifetime consider a Phuket Yacht Charter. Phuket is an area that is not only beautiful but offers near perfect sailing conditions all year round resulting in a great yachting experience. This includes dramatic diving locations, spectacular scenery and beautiful boats.

Variety in Boat Choices for a Phuket Yacht Charter

With a Phuket Yacht Charter one can choose a bareboat charter where a certified sailor has the option to captain the yacht himself, take care of all the provisions as well as the cooking and cleaning. A fully crewed charter yacht comes with an experienced captain, crew and chef that would take care of all the details. The provisions are an added cost but the crew would purchase and stock the yacht for the clients.

When considering the type of boats offered there are there are monohull sailing yachts, catamarans and single hull motor yachts varying in length from 45ft to 100ft or more. The larger yachts could accommodate several couples and the costs could split to make this type of vacation slightly more affordable. For those wanting a more private and more romantic cruise they may want to book a smaller yacht.

Sail the Azure Seas along the Shores of Phuket

The beaches and shores of Phuket entice sunseekers with their palm lined, white sand beaches and clear water for snorkeling. There are many very pleasant bays and coves with good anchorages Phang Nga Bay, the islands of Krabi, Phi Phi and Similan. Some have historic and quaint towns for exploring, shopping and dining, most are often located very close to the beaches.

Travelers visiting Phuket can find almost any type of water activity as well as plenty of things to do ashore. The well known beaches of Kata, Karon and Patong not only offer great daytime activities but lots of evening action as well. For instance, take a night off the yacht and spend it in Patong where there is a bustling night life which includes Cabarets, Beer Bars and restaurants.

Learn more about crewed charter yachts or bareboat charters at boatbookings.com. Here one can find all the information on the types and sizes of yachts commonly available in Phuket. One can also read about the captain, the crew and the trained chefs that are provided with the various charters. It is also advisable to read reviews from previous clients who have sailed aboard a Phuket Yacht Charter before booking.