Camping Store for Family Tents: Tent Camping in the Great State of Texas Part 2

Let’s talk first about a campground called Daingerfield State Park, located about twenty miles from Daingerfield, Texas in northeastern Texas. This campground is small but it is perfect for taking the family on an outing and just relaxing and enjoying quiet time. The campground covers approximately 551 acres of woodlands. The tent only campsites are located in the Cedar Ridge area and offer amenities such as a picnic table, tent pad, fire ring, water and have restrooms nearby. This would be an ideal spot for first time camping families. It offers swimming (un-supervised) and fishing (license required). Canoeing is permitted and some boating with some restrictions. The campsite for tents may be reserved online, but six of them must be reserved at the park. I, personally, have not utilized this campground, but have used others in the area, but this one has been highly recommended to me.

There are other similar campgrounds located in East Texas, with varying amenities, but they will all offer great freshwater fishing, terrific scenery and various wildlife. This makes for a great adventure for a Family Camping Trip.

Let’s travel westward to a campground called Cleburne State Park. I personally hope to make this one of my next camping destinations. The campground is located about sixteen miles from Cleburne, Texas. It offers campsites for tent camping and RV camping. Amenities include tables, grill, fire ring and restrooms nearby. This might be considered part of the hill country in Texas and offers various trails to be explored. Boating and fishing is available on beautiful Cedar Lake, making this an enjoyable way to spend the day with the family. There are no groceries, food or camping supplies in the campground so they must be brought in by the campers. Ice is also not available. This is an ideal camping ground for gaining experience prior to making a Family Camping Adventure in the wilds.

Personally, I enjoy this campground in one of the nearby attractions. The Dinosaur Valley State Park is only thirty minutes away. Prehistoric Times have always held my fascination. When I worked in the country of Oman, I collected all types of Fossils, geodes and fossils.

More information about this campground, in regards to rates and directions can be obtained from the website of Cleburne State Park, Texas.

We will continue to travel south-west to an area called Big Bend National Park. This place is just awesome. I have seen a lot of beautiful scenery in my travels internationally and here in the U.S., but every time I see this place I just stand in awe.

There are over one hundred tent sites in the Big Bend National Park. The amenities offered are tables, grills, restrooms and running water. The elevation here is 1850 feet. There is another campground located higher at fifty-four hundred feet, that is called Chisos Basin Campground featuring the same amenities as the prior campground. Both of these campgrounds are open year around. Needless to say, there are other campgrounds in the area that are available, but these two are my favorites.

Things to do at Big Bend National Park, are too numerous to list. Research for reservations and things to do at the Big Bend National Park is easily researched by going to their website. I highly recommend spending some time researching the park, if you plan a camping trip here.

Until next time Happy Trails and go out and create some Family History and Lore.


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