5 Tips For Arriving At Your Campsite At Night

When it comes to arriving at campgrounds, experienced campers advise to arrive early so you’ll have plenty of time to prepare and set everything up. Daylight is needed so you can pitch your tent properly. While you can do everything when the sun is down, it will be twice as hard. But some campers travel far or have prior engagements that’s why they arrive at their campsite after sundown.

To make setting up camp easier, here are 5 tips to follow if you arrive at your campsite at night:

Make all your things “setup-ready”

If you’re anticipating a late arrival at your campsite, one thing you can do to make setting up camp in the dark less of a burden is to pack your gear right. Have them organized in boxes and ready to go, especially the most important gear you’ll need on the first night.

Once you’re at your campsite, the last thing you would want is to scramble in the dark looking for your tent poles or your sleeping gear. So make sure you know where everything goes and that everything you need is accessible.

Have your camping lantern ready

A good source of light is the most important thing you’ll need when setting up camp in the dark. Your flashlight or camping lantern is the first thing you’ll grab once you’re at your camping spot so be sure to have them within reach (or on you!). It’s also ideal that each camper has his own lighting gear to make setting up smoother.

Create a bonfire

If you’re not too tired or it’s not too late, create a bonfire! It will not only provide you with a better source of light while unpacking and setting up, but it will keep everyone in the spirit of camping! Also to keep everyone in a good mood, it’s ideal to eat a quick meal first, preferably something pre-packed.

Assign tasks to each camper

When setting up your camping gear in the dark, the goal is to do it the quickest way possible. To achieve this, assign tasks to each camper – some would be responsible to pitch the tent, others would unload stuff from the car and others may set up your camp kitchen. It’s also important to have each camper responsible for their own things.

Mind your neighbors

Nobody want to be woken up by noisy campers unloading things from the car or pitching their tent. If you arrive at your campsite at night (especially late at night), be mindful of your neighbors who are most likely sleeping or enjoying a quiet night in the woods.

Follow these 5 tips for arriving at your campsite at night and setting up will be hassle-free!


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