Trekking in Rishikesh – All You Need to Know About It

For one to truly appreciate the magnanimity of the massive mountain ranges of the Himalayas one has to trek through the region.

Rishikesh which is part of the Garhwal and Kumaon regions of the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand has been one of the most frequented zones by adventure enthusiastic & nature lovers since it offers excellent opportunities for trekking. Trekking season happens to be between May & September which is when the trekking activities Spikes up.

What Attracts Trekkers to Rishikesh

The trekking in Uttarakhand gives you a perfect break to interact with folks belonging to the villages that one comes across while doing trekking in this region also talking to the locals allows one to appreciate the local culture & appreciate certain facts which is not so commonly known to even tour guides.

Trekking in Rishikesh takes you as close as one can go near the snowy peaks of the Himalayas.It also makes it much easier for one to learn about the region’s natural riches and adore the heart-warming views of the sunset.

In fact, Trekking up above in the Shivaliks mountains makes it spectacular experience as it offers a visual treat to the eyes. While trekking one Traverses across the lush green valleys,Religious & pilgrim points, temple site and mountain villages which offers an experience that one will hold dear to one’s Heart.

Moreover after Trekking the long trails, finally when it’s time to settle for the night trekkers camp around the river bank where one can hear the pleasant sound of the rapids and being a part of such an incredible natural settings is a rare experience.

Moreover, the region’s acclaimed Rajaji National park is home to an amazing variety of rare Himalayan birds is also what attracts trekkers to this place.

Following are Key Trekking trails In & Around Rishikesh.

Waterfall Trek:

Trekking to This place happens to be an enthralling journey as it has a fascinating waterfall in the region called ‘Neer Gaddu’ in Rishikesh. This place is just 6 kilometer from Tapovan. It makes you feel one with nature as the place is full of fresh mountain air and wild surroundings.

Trek To Spirituality At Kunjapuri:

Trekkers love Kunjapuri as it offers a breath-taking view of the Himalayan peaks to the North and Rishikesh, Haridwar and the Doon valley to the South. Kunjapuri is the religious capital of this region so naturally, it attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year. From this place, one can witness the sun rise in all it’s glory.

Trek To Danda Chulli:

The amazing day trek to Danda Chuli will be worth the journey as the summit point offers some of the best stunning views of the Kedar Peak and Chaukhamba Peaks

Dayara Bugyal Trek:

If one likes Green pastures then take a trek to Dayara Bugyal. Here, one can enjoy trekking in the vast alluring meadows.

Kedarnath Vasukital Trek:

Situated at a height of about 3584m meters this trek offers a Panoramic view of the place It is also famous for its celebrated temple, which was established by the Pandva Dynasty.

Roopkund Hemkund Trek:

The marvellous Roopkund trek commences from Lohagunj, which is situated at an elevation of 3200 mts. Here, one will have to go through some of the thin, curvy and slanted roads from one mountain to the other.

Most of the above trek includes Food and depending on the duration accommodation is also provided. Moreover, apart from basic amenities, there are other activities like beach ball or one can simply enjoy the campfire music or stories with other fellow trekkers.

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