Day: September 11, 2021

Luxury Cruising

How Family Vacation Cruises Can Help Create a Strong Bond in Your Home

I don’t have to remind you how cruising can be a fantastic form of vacations for anyone let alone a family like yours. It is high time you began making arrangements to give your family a special treat for your next vacation by taking them for a cruise. There are lots of benefits that come […]

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Car Rentals

Rent A Car On Your Sri Lankan Holiday And Drive Around With Your Local Driver’s License!

Sri Lanka is one of the many countries that have signed up with the Vienna convention on Road traffic. This convention has been ratified by 73 countries as of today. This is actually a treaty that was designed in order to encourage road safety and to initiate international traffic rules among certain parties that are […]

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Top Camping Tips For a Smooth Trip

Anyone who has ever been camping will have a few camping tips to share, and so here are just a few that I’ve acquired over time. I do not claim to have invented these ideas but they are things that have stuck in my head. Some you may have heard of and will be familiar […]

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Walking With the Maasai and Other Adventures

As they bumped along the road to the Maasai Mara, they heard a helicopter flying low. This was the first day of Di and Leonie’s safari and a Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) chopper was ushering an elephant back into the park. What an exciting way to begin their week in Kenya! This post tells of […]

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Budget Travel

Pack For Winter In One Carry-On With These Winter Travel Tips

Do you have a winter holiday planned? Are you all set and ready to go? Do you know what you need to pack? It is highly important to pack wisely when you are planning to go on a winter trip. While some locations are perfect for traveling with moderate temperature like Mexico, some places on […]

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